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Hey all!

Posted by Dynawizard98 - May 28th, 2022

I finally release the pilot chapter of Gibbon! I know the story is not of a big deal but it'll help me to know how things works like the dynamic the narrative, ect.

You can read online at Webtoons or Tapas.




Yo, this is sick! I'm curious, how long did this take you?

Hey, thanks!

Well, it's a long story but here we go:

It all started when I was at a digital art school during my college years (2019 to be more specific). This, without doubts, was one of the most stressful times in my life. Not only the teacher who I had class with was a giant douche who rejected my effort and talent, but also my routine to get there was a living hell, since I lived too far away from that place. But fortunately, there was two good things that always brought me some happiness and peace in mind: my best friend and playing fighting games at the school's arcade with him.
During that time, I always came up with a random white beanie kid character in every single animation class, and I called him yolk (since the shape of his head n beanie reminds me of an egg's yolk. Also, egg related foods like omelet are my favorite). One of my final terrestrial exams from my college where about to happen on Saturday and there's an animation activity where I had to animate my character doing a dance to be on an animated collab. Unfortunately, I had no choice since my exams where always presential. When I came back, I just had find out that my project was been replaced by someone else. That made so mad that I never saw that teacher with the same eyes again.
This reminds me of that time Sega dropped their former mascot, Alex Kidd, and recouped his function with Sonic the Hedgehog (also funny enough, my name is also Alex XD).
When the pandemic started during earlier 2020, I had to move on to my uncle's ranch for a while. Seeing the woods and everything around that place reminded me of my golden times from
elementary school. I was happy like a ape, a gibbon in the nature. Mixing that sour incident of rejection from my school and sweet times with my best friend, playing games and overall best feelings of my childhood and teen era, I came up making a comic series about this. First used to post the firsts few episodes here and in other social medias. Every page was made in the traditional way and then scanned digitally.
After a little criticism about one of my pages, I was a little bit thoughtful about that and left the series into a hiatus for a while.
2021 and still nothing but after I shown my comic to my friend, he gave the idea to make a pilot episode to help me find a unique identity for it and etc. Aaaaaand here we are today.

In conclusion, it took me 3 years to officially make this come true. Sorry for writing a Lord of the Rings page but that's the story behind it. Hope u enjoyed ;D